Yesterday a stranger commented on my weight loss

I was walking to pick up my daughter from preschool when another mother stopped me.

Other Mom: Your had a kiddo in preschool here last year too, right?

Me: Yeah…

OM: You lost a lot of weight didn’t you!? Great job! I’m trying to do the same thing myself and you’re really inspirational

I [34f] still can’t really believe someone said that to me. I’ve been overweight ever since I can remember, obese most of my life if I’m being truthful, and I come from a long line of “big boned” people. I grew up thinking that I was just destined to be fat my entire life because obesity and type 2 diabetes run in my family. Before I met my now husband at 26 I had gotten down to an all time low weight of 186lbs, I was working out around 6 days a week and overall feeling strong and amazing. I realize that 186 is still overweight, but after a lifetime of obesity it felt like a huge win and I was looking forward to being at a healthy weight before too long. Looking back I don’t think I was netting a healthy amount of calories, and by a year into our relationship I had already packed about 30lbs back on. Cut to me getting pregnant (weighing 234lbs at the time), breastfeeding a baby, and getting pregnant again. I found myself in August of 2016 9 months pregnant with baby number 2 and weighing in at a whopping 283lbs. I had gained almost 100 pounds since meeting my husband. Whelp.

I got done breastfeeding in February of last year and realized that I needed to get serious about losing weight. I struggled with being ravenously hungry pretty much all the time while breastfeeding and didn’t lose any baby weight until I stopped, but without too much effort I found myself weighing 273 pounds in April 2018. I was ready to get serious about slimming down, and the first thing that I did was download MFP. I had used it to some success between babies, and managed to make it back down to 248lbs before plateauing and ultimately getting knocked up again. This time I got a food scale and holy cow was I underestimating so much! Cheese is a big vice for me, and I had no clue how many calories I was actually consuming until I started weighing it. I love a sweet and creamy cup of coffee in the morning. Couldn’t be more than 70 calories, right? Wrong! 170 delicious creamy, sweet calories per cup (side note: can I call it intermittent fasting if I don’t eat breakfast but I do have 300 calories of coffee in the AM? /s). It’s amazing how much easier weight loss is when you are accurately keeping track of how much is being consumed. I’ve always loved to cook so meal prep isn’t an issue, but the amount of olive oil/butter/cheese I use in my meals is historically staggering. I gave smaller amounts a try and it turns out that almost everything I cook is not only relatively healthy with less added fat, but it’s just as tasty! My roasted carrots actually taste better with about 1/4 the butter I used in the past – life changing!

Every day I’m amazed at how little I’m destined to be fat, and how much I was making myself fat. Fat doesn’t run in my family, shitty eating habits run in my family. I feel grateful that my children are young enough that they’ll only know a life filled with good nutrition, and ultimately I hope that I can be an example to my extended family.

Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and weighted in at 222lbs. I felt good about my progress but was feeling pretty down about the fact that I’ve come so far only to remain obese. Yesterday afternoon someone I didn’t know told me I was an inspiration and I realized that if my 222 pound ass can be an inspiration to someone else that I can be a fucking inspiration to myself! Today I’m feeling more motivated than ever, and I’m ready to get to work on my short term goal of making it to onderland by April, and my long term goal of getting down to 150 pounds.

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