Two selfies with my cat, several years apart and minus 265lbs.

I’ve been losing weight for a long time now, although I’ve crept very close to my goal weight as of the past few months. I achieved this through logging everything I eat on MyFitnessPal and maintaining a calorie deficit, while adding in regular exercise at the gym.

I didn’t even realize until today how different my face is from when I first started losing weight. It seems ridiculous comparing the two pics side by side, but when you’re actually that person it’s difficult to notice anything since the changes happen gradually. I was on the train and saw a friend from high school that I hadn’t spoken to since about 2013, so went over and said hello. They had no clue who I was, and even after I told them they just couldn’t accept it!

I will hopefully reach my goal weight soon and write up a more lengthy ‘I finally did it’ post, and add all the monthly progress pictures I’ve been taking – I already did something like this when I hit 200lbs back in August – if you’re interested. I made a pretty dire post on here a few months ago, which I’m not sure if anyone reading this will remember, but I want to say how much I appreciate this community and that I still often reread the messages and comments people wrote – and also that I took up a lot of the advice and have been actively working on my mental health as well as physical. Even though I don’t post too often, I pretty much visit multiple times a day to read what people have written, and r/loseit has been one of my biggest sources of motivation. Without sounding arrogant, I hope I can contribute and help other people here in the same way that you’ve all helped me over this long journey.

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