The Diva Cup Tips from You

Hello! It seems harder and harder to find my go-to favorite tampon lately. I’ve used OB tampons exclusively since high school. I think they’re awesome, work well , are small and easy to tuck in a running shorts pocket… But lately it’s been hard for me to find them. Many stores have the variety pack or the wrong size – I just want a box of the regular ones! So, I started to order them from Amazon.

But this last cycle – I forgot. When I went to Target to get them… there was one box! That’s good!! But it was ripped open. That’s not good.

my favorite tampon for runners

[You can get OB Tampons on Amazon here]


This did remind me that my fave period partner has been harder to find so I finally considered trying The Diva Cup. For those that don’t know it’s a re-usable menstruation cup. I’ve known about it for a long time but have hesitated to try it for several reasons…

a.) How?? How do I put it in? How do I take it out?

b.) Weird? Is it going to feel weird? Does it hurt? It seems big and awkward…

c.) Questions! I have a lot of questions. How do you empty and put it back? How often? Does it get heavy?

d.) Need? I don’t think I’ve needed it up till this point. I already have a tampon I’m super happy with.

e.) Eco-friendly. Yes, The Diva Cup is eco-friendly since you’re not throwing away pads or tampons each month. But as far as conventional period options go – OB Tampons seem to create the least waste of all of them. They don’t have an applicator, have minimal packaging and are small so it’s less waste.

the diva cup

[You can get The Diva Cup on Amazon here]

But that 1 ripped box at Target reminded me that I might need to find another option so I grabbed the Diva Cup and decided I’d give it a try.

And I asked on Instagram for some tips. I have NO idea the actual logistics of this thing.

The Diva Cup tips

Truthfully, I’m a little scared…

What if I do it wrong? Will it get stuck?! Will it poke me and be uncomfortable?? What if I get it in but can’t get it out?

Luckily, I have the BEST followers in the world! And you came through. There are so many helpful comments and suggestions on this instagram post.

Thank you. Seriously – so many people chimed in with their personal experiences and advice. It’s a personal topic! And I really appreciate the openness.

If you’re curious about using something like this check out my Instagram post and read the comments.

If you have any tips or advice please share it with me. I’m trying to learn before I go for it. I might have bought the wrong one so I’m open to trying another one.


Since we’re on the subject…

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Question: Have you tried a menstruation cup like this? Thoughts? Tips?


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