Shoutout to the people who are losing… while their lifestyles remain nearly unchanged.

We see so many posts on here about the people who completely upended their lives, they eat clean, they exercise all the time, they’re probably climbing a mountain while munching on broccoli right at this moment.

But where’s the love for the people who aren’t doing any of that isht?

Here’s to you.

To the losers (read: weight losers) who maybe aren’t the best cooks and are still hitting up Taco Bell on the reg.

Here’s to the peeps who know they should be lifting weights but, like, they’re kind of intimidated by it and don’t know where to start and also a little lazy and have been putting it off for quite some time but yeah definitely like they’re gonna start soon just not right now but soon.

Here’s to those who love their sodas and swear by anything with “Diet” or “Zero” in its name because let’s be honest La Croix tastes like the suggestion of a flavor.

Here’s to the people who are making progress—one unhealthy meal and sedentary day at a time. Y’all are my kindred spirits.

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