r/LoseIt’s Response to the Removal of Several Pro-ED Communities

Welcome to all users, whether you are a longtime community member or are new to r/loseit.

r/LoseIt is, above all else, a place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or 200 lbs, you are welcome here!

Before participating in our community, please review the posting guidelines and rules of this subreddit. You also may want to review our Quick Start Guide or our Frequently Asked Questions.

We welcome all users who are looking to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion. We do not tolerate uncivil, disrespectful, or harassing comments. We would like to remind our community that not all individuals with eating disorders have anorexia nervosa, and that not all individuals with eating disorders are underweight. The simple existence of an eating disorder does not mean that an individual is not welcome here, or that participating in r/loseit is dangerous to the user. Many individuals with eating disorders need to learn how to control their weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion. These individuals are welcome here and should not be harassed due to having such a painful struggle.

If you are coming to r/loseit from a pro-ED space that has now been banned, we would like you to know that most of the community here relies on calorie counting to learn to control their weight. If that is triggering for you, this may not be a safe space for you to participate. Likewise, there are certain types of advice that may have been acceptable (or behaviors that could be discussed) in those communities that we cannot accept here. For example, suggestions on how to abuse medication to lose unhealthy amounts of weight or advice on extended “fasting” periods may be removed. We are particularly careful when advice is directed towards minors. We are incredibly reluctant to support any sort of disordered thoughts for individuals who are still deep in the grips of a serious disease that may lead to their death.

At the end of the day, the mod team will use their discretion to remove any content that we feel is not safe or encourages unhealthy behavior.

r/LoseIt is not a replacement for advice from a doctor or other medical professional. Please refrain from attempting to diagnose users or give medical advice. We will remove comments and even ban users who cross these lines. For example, in the past we have banned users who have told others to quit taking medications without having a discussion with a doctor. The moderation team is not composed of medical professionals or therapists, and licensed doctors would never attempt to diagnose someone online anyway.

We expect that everyone in this subreddit treat each other with respect. Please report any rule breaking or concerning comments and a human moderator will review the content. If you come to r/LoseIt with the intent of suggesting dangerous or disordered methods of restriction, you can expect to receive feedback by the community. Questions like “Have you spoken to a doctor about your weight loss?” or statements like “I am concerned that you may have too large of a deficit” are completely fine and encouraged if all users treat each other with genuine respect and a focus on health (both mental and physical.) Off topic and non-constructive, disrespectful comments are not welcome, however, such as “You’re too skinny, no man will want you now.”

In addition, we stand by the recommendation that people consume at least 1200/1500/1600 calories per day for women/men/teens. While we realize that there are people who can eat less calories than that per day without ill effects, we encourage anyone who thinks that they should consistently eat less than those amounts to have a conversation about their plans and methods with their doctor. For more on the minimum daily calorie guidelines, please check out this part of the FAQ. Similarly, if you have a goal that is significantly below a “normal” BMI, you can expect some concerned comments. While BMI is not a flawless tool and there ARE exceptions, if you think you are an exception, you should have a conversation with your doctor.

Eating disorders are incredibly dangerous, and we would like this community to be a safe space for anyone who is pursuing to develop healthy and sustainable eating habits and weight. For individuals who are exclusively focused on gaining weight and muscle, I would encourage you to visit r/gainit to review their rules and resources.

We have a variety of advice for individuals who struggle with binge eating behaviors here and here. Please note that these resources were not developed by medical professionals and the advice may not be adequate for individuals with binge eating disorder or other related eating disorders. Again, if you think you might have such a condition, please see a licensed medical professional in your area.

Here are some resources that may be valuable for individuals with eating disorders or disordered eating habits:

National Eating Disorders Association – USA Call (800) 931-2237 or text “NEDA” to 741741

Overeaters Anonymous – USA – 12 Step Based Program

Beat Eating Disorders – UK

National Eating Disorder Information Centre – Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association

National Eating Disorders Collaboration – Australia

Reachout Support Services for Eating Disorders – Australia

We can’t provide resources for every country on earth, but if you need help and are uncertain of how to find resources locally, please post here and we can attempt to help you find resources.

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