One Year Of Progress

July 7th 2017 I looked at myself in disgust in the mirror. I could barely walk up the stairs without pausing or losing my breath. I was extremely depressed, ashamed and addicted to food. I decided enough was enough and started my journey to better health and weight loss.

I am very proud to say that I have lost over 100 pounds and I’m about 20 pounds away from my goal weight. I’m still constantly pushing myself to lose and I went from a XXXL down to a Large.

I wasn’t able to barely walk down my street before and now I’m very active at my gym and able to jog for close to an hour! (Easy for some but huge for me). I’ve also found people treat you a lot better when you look and feel better yourself. I’ve made new friendships and actually hang out with old friends when I would always stay in and eat and stare at my computer.

I feel like a brand new person and I want to feel the same way even a year from now 🙂

Let’s keep it up everyone! Here’s to a great weekend and another great year!

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