One throw-away comment meant everything to me [NSV]

Recently I decided to ramp up my food game by cutting out refined sugar as much as possible. I have been doing Intermittent Fasting since Feb, but thought I would challenge myself. Last week I was heading to Starbucks after work with some coworkers, and while waiting in line started chatting about hard it is to find sugar-free options. I told her “But it’s been worth it! I’ve lost like 5lbs in two weeks”. She replied “Hah, Like you need to worry about losing weight”.

I almost cried. I wanted to hug her. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

My journey has been going strong for 8 years- after two children, and a stressful Military career i’ve gone from the extreme of 5’7″ at 220lbs and left the military at 175 using CICO. During my transition to a civilian I’ve done pretty well, but find myself getting lax on CICO hence going sugar-free.

I’m currently at 168 which means i’m still technically “overweight”, but gawdam this comment is keeping me motivated to not stop until I reach a point where i’m really happy with myself. I’m going back to the gym next week for the first time in months… and i’m going to buy her flowers.

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