NSV: Did not binge or eat junk food for two weeks!!

I am a serial snacker. While I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I loooove savory snacks. I’ve tried to diet MANY MANY times before but they always ended with me giving into my snacking urges and binging on snacks. I love the feeling of fullness and I can’t stand the feeling of hunger. Even while I was on diets I would binge on “healthy snacks” because keeping my stomach constantly full gave me that “high”.

I was on r/OMAD the other day and someone said something about how OMAD really helps them view dieting as a method of improving self control. For some reason, that really stuck with me because all of my dieting attempts failed due to me obsession with the taste and feeling of food.

So this time I changed my mindset. I set a time goal and portion goal for myself every single meal (ie. one plate of pasta at 6pm). As my body is so used to snacking, I would get super hunger at 3pm. But instead of thinking “I’m so hungry”, I would think of it as pain in my stomach (not hunger) that is deterring me from reaching my goal, which is to eat at 6pm. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to work and the thought of not having the willpower to reach my goal drove me to overcome those urges.

Honestly, I am in shock because even though it’s not a huge accomplishment like others here, this has totally changed my relationship with food. I’ve had a rough time with food for a few years now and this is the most free I’ve felt. And yes, I still do get those late night cravings. Another thing that has really help curb my snacking is TEA. There are so many flavors (chocolate tea is really good for sweet cravings), it’s warm so you feel full after drinking it, tons of health benefits, and I drink it with no sugar or milk so virtually no calories. If you just want some flavor in your mouth, I highly recommend tea.

TL;DR: I view dieting as a test of my self control and instead of thinking “I have to overcome this hunger” I think “I need to have the willpower to reach my goal”. Also, tea is awesome

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