New Running Survey and Mailing List

New Running Survey and Mailing List for this year. Hello! I’m working on new training plans, meal plans and updates for all your running needs for next year. But I want to make sure it’s relevant and helpful so… I need your feedback.

Fill out this form to share your goals and what types of posts, podcasts and videos you want to see next year. And this is the mailing list for this year’s holiday cards – so if you want to be on the list (it’s completely optional) fill out your address. (You can just put in n/a if you want to pass on it.)

This is your chance to tell me exactly what you want to see on new posts. Plus you can chime in with any running, food, behind the scenes, life stuff… questions. Thank you!

**Mailing List Closes December 5**

(Feedback form and mailing list open to all but will be limited to the US for physical mailer purposes.)

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