My job just threw a retirement party for a coworker and I didn’t eat any of the catering or cake that they brought!

I brought a 290 cal Cobb salad and an apple. I sat in there for an hour and a half while everyone around me ate Mexican food catering and cake and I managed not to get up and get any. I’m feeling very pleased with my self restraint. My manager asked me if I was eating the catering and then got upset when I said no and said “it’s just 1 day!”. But like… this is only day 4 of the year and I just started on the 1st. I cannot break 4 days in. Previously, I would’ve let myself. But this year, I’m determined to reach my goals.

The food did smell damn good though. It was honestly hard not to cave. The demons in my head were saying “well just one meal means you won’t gain any more weight, just skip dinner!” Had to shut that shit down real fast. I set time goals and I expect to reach them. Maintaining means not losing. I did skip my usual banana this morning, so maybe one small bite of cake wouldn’t have hurt. But, that could’ve opened up the door to craving more unhealthy food. I knew better than to tease myself with just one bite. Feeling kinda proud of myself right now. It’s not easy to lose weight when you work in an office full of people who bring donuts every Friday, catering all the time, managers take us out to eat, etc. I weighed myself last night and I have lost a little over 1lb since January 1st!

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