My gift to myself this year was something I have always wanted. Abs.

This picture is a comparison from Christmas Eve 2017 to yesterday, Christmas Eve 2018

The funny thing is. I didn’t even realize just HOW overweight I was until I saw this picture yesterday. I was 285 pounds, and today I weigh 228. My goal for the end of this year was 220, but Im happy even though I will be a couple of pounds above it.

I am 6’3″ and I am active duty military. I have almost been removed from military service too many times because my weight and body fat were out of control. I have always idolized bodybuilders and weightlifters, and I have always been someone who goes to the gym, but I lifted to heavy, never did cardio, and ate whatever I wanted. I’m still reeling from looking at that picture of what I was last year.

In January of this year I had a replacement of the disc beneath my C7 vertebrae in my neck (because I tried to squat 405 pounds way before I was ready and crushed it) effectively stopping me from working out for 2 months. Then, after moving with my family from Kodiak Alaska to Houston Texas, I decided it was time for a change. I purchased and downloaded the complete library of workout E-books published by bodybuilder Kai Greene, and set to work on one of his 6 week cutting programs.

Additionally I researched and began intermittent fasting, with my feed window being from 1-9pm. Combined with careful tracking of my macros and calories ( I started around 3200 calories). I have successfully dropped 57 pounds.

Side note- I want to explain Kai Greene’s calorie calculation in a very small nutshell. Basically you use his equations to get your starting calories, like I said mine were 3200, and then 2 weeks later you multiply that number by 0.9, and again 2 weeks later. I completed this program twice, and switched it up to his second cutting program, and am 5 weeks into it.

The hardest part has been doing this during the holidays. I do my best to stay focused, but i do allow myself to relax quite a bit on actual holidays, and Im back to the grind the next day. I lift 6 days a week, work abs 6 days a week, and do cardio 6 days a week.

While I know I don’t have a 6 pack yet, the fact that I can see definition in my stomach makes me feel amazing, and the fact that i can get up and run 5 miles outside without wanting to die is unreal to me.

The final points: Thank you ALL for your motivation. this sub does more than it may ever know for people like me, and I will forever be grateful. Secondly: I would love to be someone’s accountability partner. If you need someone to message you daily weekly, or every other day to cheer you on, well I’d like to do that for a couple of you.

If you are starting your journey on January 1st: do not let anyone stop you. You are welcome in the gym. We can make room for you. If you need help or advice, ask someone. We are all proud of you.

I am the laziest person on earth. I promise you, that you can do this. Whatever your journey is, whatever shit you have going on in your life, you have this in you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year to all of you.

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