Losing 200 pounds changed my life. No fad diets or surgery!

I was always bigger than everyone else. Even as a young child, I was heavier and taller than all my classmates. As I grew older, I also kept growing taller and bigger! I had a family that loved me, and I never thought I wasn’t loved. Except by the outside world. They were cruel and merciless. Taunting me. Making fun of me at almost every turn it seemed. Finally, when I reached 27 years old and 410 pounds, I decided I had enough. I was dying. Figuratively and literally. So, I started walking at night. Stopped eating fast food and drinking soda. Began consuming food that was natural and not processed. Day by day I grew more active, and the pounds started to come off. Fast forward 3 years of hard work, diet, exercise, dedication, perseverance, motivation, and determination…and I’m 200 pounds smaller!

I continue to exercise and I watch what I eat. I stay close to family and friends that have supported me along the way. I work to put behind me the negative comments about my excess skin because I know I worked so hard to be where I am. Every day is a battle, but I’m grateful to have a chance to fight!

Please read my story if you get a chance. I hope it can help someone!

Dramatic Weight Loss

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