I’m trying a new (to me) approach to progress. For now, instead of worrying about actual weight loss, I simply count up the days I eat at/under maintenance calories VS. when I eat over. In the past 5 days I have 4 good days and 1 bad. It used to be 7+ bad days in a row. This is progress.

Perhaps I haven’t lost weight yet because of my binge, but I’m pretty happy with this approach. Instead of going crazy over my one failure, I can feel and see that my actual habits ARE slowly changing, and ultimately that is the goal anyways. This method kind of inherently admits I might mess up, but it also encourages racking up a high ‘good day’ streak.

I’ve been overweight for a few years now so I’ve tried various methods including overexercising like crazy, fasting, and regular old CICO. And maybe this isn’t all that different ¯(ツ)/¯ but I’m a bit excited and wanted to share, maybe it will help one person

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