I’m FINALLY in the 100’s!!!

After hitting some health problems my ass gained 60 pounds – despite me eating well (but lacking exercise). I’ve always been a thick skinny, so BMI was never a good indicator.

At 5’4 I look anorexic at 145 pounds. I shouldn’t, but I look the BEST at 160 lbs. I’m a size 6 and curvy and sexy…I ballooned to a size 18. Fuck me. Plus size clothing stores. Crying. SO MANY STRETCH MARKS ON MY BELLY AND I HAVE NO KIDS FUCK ME.

Let me tell you…losing 25 pounds while being addicted to alcohol, having depression and vicious anxiety is hard.

It’s hard when you can’t get out of bed for 3 days. Forget exercise, you’re drunk and trying to get clean. Anxiety won’t let me go in. Excuses and sadness.

Then I decided to just get my shit together. Slowly.

Eating fast food 3 times a day? Eat it twice and starve a bit.

Finally have access to a kitchen? Get cooking again.

Slowly. Surely. Even as my mom said I was looking fatter as I was losing weight.

Keep going.

199.1 this morning.

That’s it. You got under 200. It took forever, but you did it. Now don’t go back.

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