I looked down at the scale and saw my “goal weight” yesterday. But a lot of nonscale victories along the way.

Hi! So I’ve been pretty active on /r/progresspics along with /r/1200isplenty. I haven’t posted here yet because I wasn’t sure if my story was relatable enough. I do want to say how huge of a role these communities have played in my weight loss journey. For the most part, I’ve checked in daily for recipes and motivation to keep moving forward. The people just starting out, I think that is my biggest piece of advice – Have some sort of anchor. Whether it be a subreddit you feel comfortable establishing yourself in, a forum, a group, or even just a journal/note in your phone with your progress to update regularly. Stay motivated and get inspired by the daily incredible transformations that these hard-working, persevering individuals post here. Realize that everyone screws up, and tomorrow is a new day. And it’s fun to compare before/after! I wish I had documented more than side underwear progress pics, but at least I have a few clothes pics to compare to.


I’m sure I was over 190, but don’t know to what extent. I was scared to face the scale, but finally did at 189. I’m now 135. I think I’m going to go 5 more lbs just for some guilt-free fluctuation room. 5’5″ for reference.

A little bit of my story: For the past few years, I was partying way too hard, finding any excuse to eat shit, and would never think twice about it. Regularly, my boyfriend and I would get into drunk arguments that I would ultimately wake up the next morning, puffy eyes, with no recollection about why we’re mad at each other. My lifestyle was negatively impacting my job that I’ve held proudly for 7 years and looking back, I can’t believe I wasn’t fired. On April 22, 2018, I had the biggest wake-up-call of my life. I blacked out, fell out of my boyfriend’s truck going 50+mph on the interstate at 9pm at night. My BAC was .410 once I arrived at the hospital. I could’ve been ran over, I could’ve broken my neck. I could’ve ruined both of our lives. Miraculously, I only suffered a broken nose, clavicle, sternum, and some real gnarly road rash.

But I woke up a different person. I was done looking at myself in the mirror with shame. I used to always be a confident person, and I wanted that back. I’ve tried “dieting” countless times in these last 4 years, but it was a distinct feeling of “I’M DONE” this time. It’s psychological, I never truly tried dieting in these last 4 years.

I started counting my calories and staying below 1300 calories, logging everything on Myfitnesspal. I do have cheat days, but I log them and move on the next day. During my journey, I’d notice silly things between weighing myself. My eyes got “bigger”. My skirts were no longer too short for work. (Wait a second, the dryer wasn’t shrinking my clothes afterall??) I actually had to buy a size smaller while shoe shopping, that one surprised me. Shaving was way less tedious. I used to avoid the stairs in my own god damn home as much as I could. Hell, my belly button lost a mile of depth! People at work noticed. Most everyone was nice and supportive, but there’s always assholes. Whatever. My favorite comment was a regular customer we have had for years addressing me like, “HEY SKINNY!” and I turned around like it was my name. That was cool. Also, I reeled my life back and learned to say “no” to hanging out every weekend. When I do go out now, i’m not gonna lie, I do drink, but I will log my drinks so I can keep track. My boyfriend has been the most supportive being I could ask for in this time. He never urged me to change my diet. Obviously, we had a talk after my accident, once the drugs wore off, about how I have to work on how I handle my liquor. I’m happy we’ve made it through my horrible patch unscathed. I feel so much more in control of my life and balanced and I can’t believe I’m here right now to say I’m proud! Thank you guys for reading. : )

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