I FINALLY broke 70 kg!!!

I feel absolutely ecstatic. When I was at my heaviest, at 95 kg, I thought the days when the scale would start with 8 were well past me, and that I’d have to cut off a leg for it to ever start with 7.

But today after about 5 and a half months of weight loss, I stepped on the scale: 69.7 kg. I couldn’t believe it. It started with 6. A damn 6.

Never in my dreams did I imagine that I could be that light. I’m almost as light as my dad, who’s a good bit shorter than me and fairly fit. I’m lighter than my cousin, who’s about my height and people call him skinny. I’m in my third year of college and yet I’m lighter than I was in 6th grade.

Before I started losing weight, my life was pretty terrible. My grades were awful, I didn’t talk to my parents much, and I’d spend all day playing video games. The only happy moments of my life would be when I’d order and eat food. But the joy of sculpting a better body, the joy of knowing I’m gonna live longer and better, the joy of knowing I can achieve something if I put my mind to it far, FAR, surpasses that.

I still have a good bit to go before I get my goal body though, and I’m glad. I love being on this journey. I love sharing things with you guys, and learning things from those of you that have lost many times the amount of weight I have, as well as those of you just starting out like I was a few months ago.

This is truly a milestone for me, and though I’m nearing the end of my weight loss goal, I’m only beginning my fitness and health journey, which is gonna last the rest of my life.

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