How Races and Runners Can Make Everyone Feel Welcome Podcast 102

This episode is part 2 of my interview with the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast host on his viral article – An Open Letter to Race Directors from the back of the pack. Read the letter and see pictures at  Last episode we talked about his weight loss and running journey going from unhealthy to couch to 5k and eventually running  a marathon. If you missed it – I suggest you go back and listen to that episode before this one. It’s important to know where someone is coming from to get the full picture of what triggered this article.

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Warm Up:

My mom who has never been to Europe went to Italy over the week of Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday!!?

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A. Go bachelor style with my dad and little brother.

B. Order Chinese take-out… which I guess is also bachelor style?

C-. My boyfriend… who we shall refer to as Newport? … I met his family last month and his dad asked what I was doing for the holiday and said I was welcome to join them. But I felt like Newport should invite me, right?

So I had to basically ask him to ask me to go… which may be a miscommunication and may be a huge red flag. But I’m Spanish and we have a history of bull fighting so maybe I’m attracted to red flags?


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Martinus Evans from the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast

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Last time I talked to Martinus Evans from the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast about his weight loss, running and injuries. That’s the episode before this one if you missed it –> 300 Pounds and Running Podcast Interview Part 1

Now we’re talking about his article – An Open Letter to Race Directors from the Back of the Pack.

You can read the blog post here: An Open Letter To Race Directors

Part of what made it controversial is that he was mad and he cusses. So he got a lot of pushback online. He also got a lot of people reaching out saying they had similar experiences. Mainly I wanted to know what his experiences were at races and what he wanted to happen moving forward.

We jump right into the conversation – so I go straight into asking him about the letter in this one.

Highlights of the viral article:

– Evans is upset after running several races where he didn’t feel included. Some races he felt straight unwelcome and ignored.

– The letter is heated… it has four letter words. And a lot of people got offended by it. But a lot of people also reached out to him to say they had similar experiences.

– He’s run races where the course is shut down and/or aide stations are removed before the appropriate time limit.

– There are also instances where he or other runners have been too slow for the time limit. And he has suggestions on ways you can still make sure those people get to finish safely when closing the course.

– We talk about what he’s experienced as a self described ‘slow runner’.

– We talk about ways race directors can accommodate slow runners OR choose to shut down the courses early and officially change the cut off time so slower runners know it will be closed.

I ask him…

  • What race or run triggered this article?
  • You mentioned not getting a medal – what happened there?
  • Why did you write this? What’s your goal?
  • What do you want to happen from this letter?
  • What has the response been?


Follow him on this site and social media here:


And if you have any thoughts on what runners or race organizers can do to make everyone feel welcome, have fun and be safe – please share it here!

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Question: What do you think Race Organizers and Runners can do to improve the race experience for back of the pack / slower runners?

Any suggestions??



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