Early Announcement, Next r/loseit weight loss challenge! New Year POKEMON Theme!

Hey everyone! As many of you will know we just ended our Autumn Mario theme weight loss challenge! Often the question comes up when the next one begins and so this time we wanted to announce a little bit earlier than we usually would. So our next challenge theme will beeeeeeeeeeee….. POKEMON! Yes thats right we are doing a Pokemon theme! The team names have been selected but I will keep those a secret for right now ;). Sign ups will open January 4th! We are working on changing a few things and maybe refreshing the way the process works so lets just leave it at this for now. There will be 8 teams this go around! Look for more information on the first official post on January 4th!

If you wish to put a reminder on this post please follow this link to set up. Or look for similar reminder comments below.

Start the new year off right with the first 2019 r/loseit weight loss challenge!

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