[Challenge] Super Mario Fall 2018 Challenge – RESULTS WEEK

Hello and Welcome to the LoseIt Fall 2018 Super Mario Challenge RESULTS WEEK!!!

Your hosts this round were u/Jameson1780, u/bananaslammock08, u/cosmam, u/sweetpsd, myself, and u/ThatCanadianGuy88 King of the Peasants!

Challenge Tracker Tracker Page Here!

Teams & Captains:

Joining your team subreddit isn’t mandatory but it should be. Being active with your team keeps participation up and might be that extra little push you need to keep you going. It could be the difference between an 8 week grind or 8 weeks of fun and support to lose the weight you want. Please do not ask to be assigned to a particular team.

Team Mario Subreddit Here!u/sweetpsd & u/gan1lin2 & u/dylzim

Team Yoshi Subreddit Here!u/bananaslammock08 & u/Vicariousgluten

Team Bowser Subreddit Here!u/420spirit9 & u/revdrviking, & u/vampedvixen

Team Luma Subreddit Here!u/capitulum & u/nukaprincess

Team Waluigi Subreddit Here!u/ravenclawedo1 & u/Cadamar & u/Koehanna

Team Boo Subreddit Here!u/ZeAltHealthAcct & u/Unconcernedlion & u/MrManBeard



Team Boo was the overall challenge winner with the most inter-team challenge points!

Final Point Standings:

Team Yoshi – 20pts.

Team Bowser – 14pts.

Team Luma – 12pts.

Team Boo – 27pts.

Team Waluigi – 12pts.

Team Mario – 10pts.

Final Stats:

  • We lost 9700lbs overall!
  • Total BMI drop for the population was 0.6pts!
  • We took 150 million steps together and logged 1.3 YEARS of exercise minutes.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Great challenge everyone! Thank you all for participating and losing along with us. Keep a look out for an announcement post in a couple weeks for our January challenge! We hope to see you all then. 🙂

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