[Challenge] Loseit 2018 Lord Of The Rings Summer Challenge – Week 0

###Hello and Welcome to the LoseIt Summer 2018 Lord Of The Rings Challenge! Your hosts this round will be myself u/bugs_bunny01 , u/bananaslammock08 , u/Radioactive_Kitten *Goddess of the Universe*, u/jh_2719 and u/ThatCanadianGuy88 King of the Peasants !

Sign ups are Still Open Sign Up Link Here!

Tracker Tracker Page Here!


Teams & Captains:

Joining your team subreddit isn’t mandatory but it should be. Being active with your team keeps participation up and might be that extra little push you need to keep you going. It could be the difference between an 8 week grind or 8 weeks of fun and support to lose the weight you want. *Please do not ask to be assigned to a particular team*.

Team Gollum Sub Reddit Here! u/jh_2719 & u/ding-dings

Team 2nd Breakfast Sub Reddit Here! u/ravenclawedo1 & u/Cadamar

Team Ents Sub Reddit Here! u/420spirit9 & u/revdrviking

Team Bravest Hobbit Sub Reddit Here! u/Bethlynn85 & u/fatlegschickenboy

Team Rivendell Sub Reddit Here! u/BlackAnemones & u/ophielossa

Team Shadowfax Sub Reddit Here! u/Radioactive_Kitten & u/ZeAltHealthAcct

Team Radagast Sub Reddit Here! u/capitulum & u/peachmoji2018

Team Frodo and Sam Sub Reddit Here! u/ThatCanadianGuy88 & u/bananaslammock08

Inter-Team Challenge Week 0 Form

Inter-Team Challenge Tracker

We will start a bonus Inter-Team Challenge to kick start things, then it will follow as usual, with every week a team being on a 1vs1 for the msot points. Inter-Team Challenge:

The Inter-team challenge is an optional round-robin style tournament where teams compete against different teams each week in exercise minutes, strength workout minutes and steps.

Every week, the team who has the biggest percentage of increased activity over the previous week, will get an extra point.

What are we doing/how are we doing it:

For Week 0 we are tracking Exercise, strength minutes and Steps. You have until Friday 9am EST of next week to submit your minutes and step count. We would like to point out this is entirely optional, so if you can’t do it, or it’s not for you – that’s cool.

You can submit them each day or wait until Thursday to submit them all. The form is re-submittable, but please only submit one form for each day, multiple forms for one day (e.g. 3x Tuesday) will be deleted. As with all things, if you notice an error or forgot to add something, tell us and we’ll fix it. That’s everything – misspelled username, used the wrong unit of measure, transposed steps and workout minutes, etc. Safety is key. Enter numbers only. If you jog for an hour, it’s just 60. If you get 12,000 steps, it’s just 12000.

What counts as Exercise or Strength minutes?

Whatever you can do safely. Jogging outside, running on the treadmill, climbing stairs, going for walks, etc, all count as exercise minutes and for Strength, all types of weight lifting and strength increase workouts.. However much time you can do safely as well. Someone else might be running a marathon, which takes hours, while you can only squeeze out fifteen minutes on a treadmill, or lets say, lift 10lbs or a 500lbs. Don’t compare yourself to that person. Don’t hurt yourself trying to help your team. If an activity is both cardio and strength focused, it doesn’t really matter which category you assign it, as long as you don’t double count it (don’t put the activity in as both strength and exercise). Also please don’t count strength or exercise minutes from during work unless they were measured by a fitness tracker. This is because the main point of the inter-team challenge is to encourage people to get exercising or doing strength workouts in their spare time, or to continue if they’re already going! If you have a question feel free to ask!

If you have any questions, problems, concerns, ideas, or just want to drop us all a line, please use the message the challenge admin feature, which you can find in the r/loseit sidebar. Responding to this thread is great, but ultimately if you want to make sure all four of us read it, the message the challenge admin feature is the way to go.

###Please also note that we are not the r/loseit moderators. We’re volunteers and everyday users who run a specific aspect of one of the many interactive community elements of r/loseit. If you have questions about r/loseit that aren’t specific to the challenge, please take a look at the sidebar.


What is the challenge?

The challenge is team-based competition that will last for 6 weeks (8 weeks from the beginning of signups to the results week) for which you set a weight-loss goal and then weigh in weekly, hoping to be at or beyond that goal by the end of the challenge.

What will I have to do during the challenge?

Weigh-In every week, each week begins on a Friday, so you will have until the following Friday 8am EST (when the next week is posted) to complete your weigh-in. You can miss the occasional week, but if you are going to miss two weeks in a row you must let the challenge admins know so they don’t remove you from the challenge. If you’re a forgetful person setting up reminders on your phone and/or joining the group chat might be a good idea.

How to succeed during the challenge:

* Check what team you’re on by looking at the Tracker By Clicking Here! and searching for your username (control + f username).

* Join your team’s subreddit, introduce yourself and be an active team member. Many captains have an online chat set up for their teams too!

* If you have any questions, worries or need encouragement, lean on your team and if someone else needs some support, be supportive.

* If you binge or have a bad week don’t give up, log honestly and come back next week. Weight loss is not always linear and there will be ups and downs, but focus on the downward trend.


Rule Reminders

**Missing Week 0 is an automatic boot.** Do not ask for access to edit anything. All entries are submitted via form. The only people who can/should edit the trackers are the Challenge Admins.



June 29th Sign ups Begin

July 6th Week 0


July 20th Week 2

July 27th Week 3

August 3rd Week 4

August 10th Week 5

August 17th Week 6

August 24th Results Week

***Lastly a special note here. After something like 11 or 12 challenge u/bugs_bunny01 will be stepping down entirely after this current challenge. We thank him for the countless hours he has put in over the past 2 years. His experience and work ethic is a huge asset and will be missed. On top of that I myself, u/ThatCanadianGuy88, will be taking a step back after this one (my 9th?) and looking to just admin in a more advisor/hands off role. So what does that mean? We are looking for 2-3 people to join the team of other admins and help take over the reigns of this great challenge we run regularly here on r/loseit. So if you think you might have what it takes and what to help run these in the future please feel free to PM me directly! Once you do I will forward a few questions for you to fill out and we can go from there. No experience required! I had none when I started. ***

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