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Best Running Shorts – My Favorites and Tips on How to Podcast

Hello! Today I’m answering my #1 most asked running gear question – What running shorts are you wearing? Where can I get them? And I’m touching on a few other super popular questions on running like how many miles a week I run and my strength training routine. If you have a question for me – ask! That’s what I’m here for! Well, I’m here to party but I’m also here to ask questions… In case you’re […]

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Running to the Queen Mary in Long Beach and The MAIN Goal for this Week

Hello! I ran in Long Beach this weekend and made it all the way to the Queen Mary!! This is extra exciting for me because I love running in Long Beach, Ca and I’ve run this route so many times before but never did this route that actually takes you all the way to the ship!! I was very very happy about this new to me running route and new experience! And I was also happy to […]

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Diz Runs Podcast Interview 90 – Be Ready on Race Day!

Today I’m talking with Running Coach and Podcaster Denny Krahe from the Diz Runs Podcast. He has a new book out – Be Ready on Race Day and we’re talking about tips for injury prone runners, taking walking breaks, how he does virtual coaching and more! New here? I’m Monica – I started Run Eat to share my journey to train for my 1st marathon and trying to lose weight. I ran that marathon, lost 20 […]

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Churro Waffles Recipe–easy waffle maker hack

Churro Waffles! I finally did my own version of the Churro Waffles that I had in Seattle at Cactus restaurant. (It was part of my recent Brooks Running trip – check out this post for more.) This is a super easy life-hack style way of using your waffle maker. And it’s not healthy. But it’s delicious! So try this delicious recipe as a special breakfast or brunch treat and enjoy! I used refrigerated biscuit dough, sugar and […]

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