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5 Expert Meal Prep Tips That Save Time

“Got no time?” The average American doesn’t. Our fast paced lives often call for convenience. And with long work hours and long commutes, comes sacrificing time for prepping healthy meals in the kitchen. After working with thousands of individuals through one-on-one nutrition coaching, I’ve found that the biggest misrepresentation of eating healthy is that it takes countless hours of preparation and cooking. But meal prep doesn’t have to be that complicated. When I talk with my clients […]

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10 Ways to Bust out of a Rut

Settling into a well designed, regular health routine can be a major triumph in our weight loss journey – until it’s not. While we’re certainly creatures of habit, we’re all prone to restlessness. At some point, we’re drawn to novelty as much as comfort. Sure, it can take a while to figure out what foods and workouts put us in the sweet spot for weight loss (not to mention life balance!). As hard won as this regimen […]

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