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Gut health and its impact on your metabolism

Gut health continues to be on the forefront of conversation, and rightly so considering its growing correlation to the functionality of almost every system in the body. While many are aware of the buzz gut health has created, of the estimated 60-70 million people who are affected by digestive diseases in the U.S., a large majority of people in this group continue to go undiagnosed. If you’ve become accustomed to indigestion, poor energy, immune health, bloating, stubborn […]

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Is Collagen Really Worth All the Hype?

  You’ve probably gotten wind of the collagen hype, but before you write it off as just another fad, our expert coaches break down what it is, the benefits, where it can go wrong, and how you can add the right type of quality collagen into your eating plan.  What Is Collagen? Collagen, the uncooked form of gelatin, is the major structural protein that forms the connective tissue and extracellular matrix of the human body. Collagen is […]

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