Being sick has helped me understand how “naturally” thin people eat.

F 5’4″ SW 285 CW 197

I’ve been sick with strep throat over the past week and it’s the first time I’ve been sick with anything more than a minor cold as an adult. As I’ve been recovering from this illness, I haven’t been eating very much, or even thinking about food.

This made me start to wonder if this is how “naturally” thin people eat. I wasn’t up for cooking one night and we ordered my favorite pizza out of laziness. I had one piece, felt okay, and didn’t eat any more.

This is probably garbled and poorly explained, but I’ve never felt like, “eh, take it or leave it” about food before. It almost feels like I’m taking a break from counting calories and planning meals because I’m genuinely just not hungry. I know when my antibiotics finish taking down the strep throat nastiness, this feeling will go away, but it was really interesting to feel like I’m understanding food from a different perspective this week.

Edit: Wow, this post got a lot of attention! To answer some general questions I’ve gotten:

I eat 1200 – 1400 calories per day in two meals with no snacking in between. There was a lot of trial and error to get there, but it’s what works for me! I’ve lost 88 lbs so far but still have work to do.

When I say naturally thin, I’m talking about people who have habits and diet choices that allow them to stay at a healthy weight without making a concious effort to do so. Sorry for any confusion!

Thanks and if you’re trying to lose weight, r/loseit is such a great community to join for help.

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